Dr. Archana Sinha, DHJS



Dr. Archana Sinha is a member of Higher Judicial Services and erudite scholar of theory, practice, policy and procedure having academic attained academic excellence in science, art and management in the field of public domain.

Her academic pursuits gave her a thought provoking insight to discriminate in the real and illusionary substance to administer the public interest. Her academic scholarship interest can be gazed from her academic qualifications. Her academic achievements are that after having completing her post-graduation in Mathematics she switched over to her professional career in the series of legal field. She harnessed her legal skills and achieved a degree of LL.M and an award of Ph.D in Constitutional Law from faculty of Law, New Delhi University. To obtain administrative skills she achieved a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Finance.

                The translation of her theoretical knowledge is embedded with her practical workshop of working and presiding over a chair of justice at diofferent levels of District Courts. She has also ordained the chair of Secretary, Legal Aid, Delhi.

                She is not only a visionary and missionary but a good strategist which is reflected in her authorship of two books on Constitutional Crises and Democratic Principles through her literary research work she paved a way to resolve dichotomy of Hung Legislatures within the frames of Indian Constitution by an insight through the prism of working experiences of five Constitutions of the world.

                Her First Book titled as ‘’The Crises of a Hung Parliament’ was published in 1999 by Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. Which was released by His Excellency, the President of India, and was formally presented at the official residence of Sh. Krishan Kant, the Vice President of India. It was reviewed by the former chief Minister and the then Union Railway Minister Shri Dig Vijay Singh which was also published in the Journal of Indian Parliament. Her second book titled as “The Hung Legislature: A Global Prospect” is published by Taxman Publications and She was nominated for the National Award Namely Rajiv Gandhi National Integration Award in 2000. She is also a recipient of Nataji Subhash Chand Award in 1999. 

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